The Mentagon: A Many-Sided Mind

This is a story about a cynical Metaverse Game Master, an irreverent Gold Seller, an idealistic Therapist, and a Tech Billionaire who feels responsible for everyone’s fate.

When 25-year-old Metaverse Game Master Johnny runs a program that will enable him to escape society’s omnipresent World Brain, he accidentally traps the mind of Liam, a black Gold Seller, within a hellish virtual reality called the “Mentagon”. Convinced that the now comatose Liam was assaulted by Johnny due to racist motivations, the court of social media sentences Johnny to “rehabilitation”. There an idealistic, ingenuous young therapist must persuade him to sign an antiracist confessional oath—or else face death by public stoning.

When a mysterious online entity attacks Johnny’s coworker, leaving him catatonic, Johnny is haunted by a nightmarish presence on the Metaverse. While investigating the attack upon the coworker and while attending thought-manipulating “therapy” sessions, Johnny discovers that Liam’s consciousness has been trapped within the Mentagon; an application that runs Liam’s mind from a cloud while tricking his physical brain into believing it is dead.

With the therapist’s help, Johnny’s consciousness enters the Mentagon to find Liam and teach him the EMDR therapy technique that will allow Liam to escape, thereby waking up in his own body. But Cade Phoenix, a tech billionaire who owns the Mentagon, detects Johnny’s intrusion. Cade has developed the Mentagon through a highly-classified partnership with the Department of Defense. Rather than risk the public uproar that Liam’s awakening and Johnny’s defiance of the Global Collective would cause, Cade severs Johnny’s and Liam’s contact with their physical brains. Johnny finds himself trapped with the very man he has imprisoned—and has failed to save.

Now Johnny must persuade the psychically broken and uncannily-powered Liam to lay aside his understandable anger and aid him in their escape—before Cade can imprison the world’s unsuspecting populace within the White Silence of the Mentagon.

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The Infinite-Sided Mind